Training Programs

Training Programs

All training programs at K & M TACTICAL EQUIPMENT are taught by experienced active/former Military, Martial Arts, or Law Enforcement personnel. Training is conducted in a relaxed, safe, and professional atmosphere. Men, women  and most ages are welcome. You may combine several different programs for a customized training. We also offer group discounts. The training that you will receive from our courses will enable you to lay a good foundation, or just might save your life!

Wind Reading

$250.00 ~ 1 Day Course (2-5 people ~ $175.00/pp/day)

Wind poses the biggest problem to the long range shooter.  This course will cover the fundamentals of how to make adjustments to compensate for wind.  How to read and determine the wind speed, direction, and velocity.  This course will also cover the effect of mirages, which is caused by the uneven air densities, light diffraction, atmospheric conditions, and humidity that affect the bullet drop.

Mil-Dot Optics Training

$250.00 ~1 Day Course  (2-5 people ~ $175.00/pp/day)

Learn how to use the mil dot scope that everyone sells, but no one provides instructions on how to actually use it.  Mil dot reticle was originally designed for Military use. This reticle is the simplest and most rapid calculation of range to target, based on a measurement of the target with a mil dot reticle.  You will also learn the formulas to range without the use of a range finder and much more.  Mil dot reticle has seen growing acceptance in among professional long range target shooters and hunters. This training will include instructions on many different type reticles.

Also includes: Mounting procedures, scope rings preparation, obtain/hold mechanical zero, how to use holdovers, and adjust scope to hit targets out to maximum range of your rifle, and much more.

Map Reading/Land Navigation

$250.00 ~ 1 Day Course  (2-5 people ~ $175.00/pp/day)

Understanding and measuring accurately the general area, terrain features, or man-made structures that are not shown on a map. How to use a compass to determine the azimuth to a structure and accurately determine the size, prepare topographical sketches or range card. Military Grid Systems, purpose of a grid system is to enable the map reader to quickly and accurately locate a point on a map. There are various range estimation techniques and subjects which will be covered in this course to help you determine your position and structure location.

Field Survival

$250.00 ~ 1 Day Course (2-5 people ~ $175.00/pp/day)

How to find food, water, seek, or build a shelter. How to conserve energy in any extreme weather conditions, signal for help and much more. This course is open to men, women, and any age.  This course will give you a greater knowledge of principles that will keep you ALIVE.

Basic Long Range Training

$450.00 ~ 2 Day Course (2-5 people ~ $ 350.00/pp)

This course is designed for the new shooter as well as the old.
Course will cover:   Safety, proper care, break-in, setting your firearms and optics. Trigger control, breathing, sight alignment, obtaining mechanical zero, MILS to MOA conversion, ballistics and much much more.

Advanced Long Range Training

$450.00 ~ 2 Day Course (2-5 people ~$ 350.00/pp)

Test your skills! Our facility will offer a challenge like no other can provide.  We will conduct field exercises, shooters will have multiple scenarios such as wind reading, mirages, angle shooting (10-50+ feet drop off), and range targets at unknown distances from various shooting positions. Difficult wooded terrains out to 1200+ yards.

Pre-requisite: MUST have basic understanding of long range shooting: ranging your optics, maintaining zero of your weapon, know MILS to MOA conversions, and ballistics.  Mil-dot or any ranging reticle scope is highly recommended, but not a mandatory requirement.




Ladies Only: Introduction to Handgun

$50.00 ~ 4-6 hour Course

This course is designed for the new shooter, taught by female instructor(s).

No previous firearms experience is necessary to attend this class. You will learn how the firearms work, how to handle them, load them, and shoot them with proficiency.

Ladies only course was formed just for ladies, we know it’s frustrating to take a class from a male instructor that cannot understand our needs as a woman. It is a VERY relaxed atmosphere and we teach at your pace. Bring a friend and make it a fun day at the range!

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MONDAY-SUNDAY  10:00am to 5:00pm


K&M Tactical Equipment’s location is in the heart of Northeast Oklahoma in the town of Claremore.

The town and its surrounding area offer all kinds of attractions, dining, shopping and more for you to enjoy while visiting us or attending one of our courses.

Claremore is the county seat of Rogers County, Oklahoma and – in 2010 – had a population of 18,581. We have grown a little since then. We are part of the Tulsa Metropolitan Area and home to Rogers State University.  Our humble little town is best known as the home of entertainer Will Rogers.

Oologah Lake .25 miles,  Will Rogers Birthplace 2 miles,  Will Rogers Memorial 7 miles,  J.M. Davis Gun Museum 8 miles,  Claremore Expo Center 8 miles, Will Rogers Downs & Raceway 16 miles.

Hotels are 8 miles from the facility.
Days Inn: 1720 S. Lynn Riggs, Claremore, OK 74017 (918)343-3297
Microtel Inn: 10600 E. Mallard Lake Rd., Claremore, OK 74017 (918)343-2869

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